Temple of Heaven, Beijing
Image credits goes to www.en.wikipedia.org

Temple of Heaven boasts the largest sacrificial place in Beijing among a few imperial altars to Heaven, Earth, the Sun, the Moon super natures. The most highliht part of the temple is the unique century-old trees – row upon row of Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper and scholar trees etc. Some of the cypresses are over 600 years old!

Recommended :-

  1.) Be aware of pickpockets.

2 )Be careful about illegal tour coach. :A legal tour coach plaque begins with ” B “

How to go Temple of heaven :

Take 6, 20, 39 Buses
Address: on the east of Tianqiao, Chongwen District 67018866
Open Time: 6:00-21:00
Tour Time: 1.5 hours
Ticket Fee: RMB 35

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