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Priyanka Ahuja.

Priyanka Ahuja.

The author of journeyregion.com is Priyanka P. Ahuja. She is a professional blogger as well as an engineering student from Maharashtra,India . She blogs on Travel and Tourism as well as Travel Adventure.

Earlier she was an ordinary girl who had an normal and ordinary life. Going college having fun with her friends was her daily routine. She was also her parents’ bright future with ambitions filled in her eyes. Writing was one of her hobbies and that can be understood by her diary.

But one fine day one of her friends Aashish Raut

(founder of journeyregion.com) came up with the idea of her being a blogger at his website. She was amazed by the offer presented by her friend. A girl who had never dreamt of being a writer became the official author of a professional blog. So, the journey of journeyregion.com began…

Priyanka uses innovation and creativity to put forward reviews about the places. Not to forget , the interaction with the visitors is immense. She writes for all kinds of people ranging from grown ups to kids.  The travel tips which are precise benefits many people. All the highlights and attractions of the places around the globe are available in seconds through website. The resources and references of these facts are best of knowledge of the author.