Aashish Raut
Aashish Raut

The founder of journeyregion.com is Aashish Raut. He indeed being a student of  civil engineer from Mumbai University , has created journeyregion.com. By using power of wordpress as well as his IT knowledge , he has created this awesome website. His keen interest in constructing wonderful things lead to the development of this website. Becoming a web developer at this early age is indeed an achievement.

Back in college days, Aashish along with his friends used to hang out. Discovering new places, wandering around were his usual leisure activities. Also his interest in developing new things and his hobby of travelling made him create a travel blog.

Aashish has created the website in such a way that its response time is quick and design is simple. The theme is well developed matching the needs of the website.

Priyanka P. Ahuja.

Idea of creating a website became a reality along with Priyanka P. Ahuja ,

the author of blogs at journeyregion.com.