Brazil (also known as Federative Republic of Brazil) is a country in South America. It is the fifth country in the world for its population and area. Interestingly, the local language is Portuguese yet it being an American country. Not to forget, it is the largest country in South America and Latin America. Since, it occupies 47.3% of the area of continent.

The attractions and sightseeings of Brazil are immense. The coastline of Brazil have extremely beautiful sand beaches,tropical islands, colonial towns and metropolises. The coastline covers an area of approximately 7,500 km. In addition to that, forest and wildlife of Brazil is also interesting. Most of the tourist attractions are because of waterfalls and wetlands. Its hard to believe that there are several tribes living in Brazil particularly in Amazon forest.

So finally lets have a detail look at the tourist attractions of Brazil.

#Tourist Attractions of Brazil

 1. Christ The Redeemer

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Christ The Redeemer is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is approx 38 meters tall at the top of 700 feet Corcovado mountain. It is the statue of Jesus Christ. It provides panoroma of  Guanabara bay at the north also Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas at the south. It is one of the noteworthy tourist attractions of Brazil as well as South America.

Christ The Redeemer is created by Polish sculptor Paul Landowski. It is indeed designed designed by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa along with French engineer Albert Caquot. Not surprisingly, it weighs 653 metric tons.




2. El Salvador Beaches

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El Salvador is a part of Bahia, Brazil. It is considered to be the real jewel of Brazil. The sand beaches are palm fringed and white. It releases all the stress and makes the person fresh. It has got water adventure like surfing, sailing and diving. In El Salvador there are three beaches namely Stella Maris,Itapoa and Flamengo. Flamengo is famous for fishing and beautiful sun sets. Whereas, Stella Maris is known for surfing. Itapo is same as Stella Maris. Do have a wonderful walk around these beaches.


3.Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

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Brazil is well known for its amazing and huge parade known as Rio Carnival . It is a festival first of all, organised before lent every year. During Rio Carnival the streets are filled with people watching. The number sometimes does touch two million approximately.

It basically consists of Samba dancers from various Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro and close to that. The music and vibrant costumes of the competing dancers are extravagant. It is a 700 meter parade properly choreographed. It is clear that this parade will surely make excellent memories in your head for your lifetime.

4.Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River

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Amazon Rainforest is known as Amazonia. It is rich tropical forest with wildlife in it. Amazon represents half of the rainforest in the world. Amazon River lies along with Amazonia. The boat trips on this river is amazing. It leads to the Encontro das Aguas where waters meet. Amazon River is one of the longest river . Furthermore,it has the largest basin area in the world. So,it is especially relevant.


5.Ouro Preto

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Ouro Preto is a town in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a historic colonial town since 17th century. Ouro Preto means BLACK GOLD. It certainly became the epicenter of gold rush.

Ouro Preto is known for its World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. Because of the Baroque architecture. The main attractions of it are also 18th and 19 th century churches. These churches are decorated with gold and sculptured by Aleijadinho. In addition, Aleijadinho also designed various bridges and fountains.

As a result, Ouro Petro has became a city which should not be missed while travelling Brazil.

So in conclusion Brazil does have pretty good and attractive sightseeing. I hope that your visit to Brazil would be incredible and all filled with fun.

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