Disneyland Park also known as Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California. It is one of the major tourist attractions of California, U.S.A. The reason for it being the most attracted tourist place is its interesting facts and figures. After knowing its facts and figures, you are bound to visit Disneyland.

So here we go!!

#Historical Facts and Figures of Disneyland

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  1. Disneyland was the only theme park built by Walt Disney and it was opened on Sunday, 17th July 1955. Earlier, it had 18 attractions but on today’s date it has around 55 attractions.
  2. Walt Disney wanted the Disneyland to be in Burbank, California right in front of Walt Disney Studio which was a 8 acres land.
  3. But during World War II, Walt came up with new ideas and decided that 8 acres wont be enough.
  4. So, the search for new land began and ended up with Anaheim,California. It is a 160 acres land.
  5. Initially, it was difficult for him to get finance from the investors/financiers for its high cost dreams. But he resolved the problem by his Television series. The name of Television series was “Walt Disney’s Disneyland”.
  6. Disneyland opened with 5 major themed lands namely “Main Street, U.S.A”,”Adventureland”,”FantasyLand”,”TomorrowLand” & “FrontierLand”.
  7. After the opening day, 50 millions of guests have visited this place turning to an achievement. Walt Disney had never expected that his dream theme park would lead to his as well as his company’s prosperity.
  8. The admission fees have grown from 1 $ to 99$ from its opening day till date.
  9. The entire park was build quickly and nearly in a year span.
  10. Earlier, the park was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during off season.

#Theme Park Facts

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  1. Currently, Disneyland consists of 8 themes park in a 160 acres area. The names are “Main Street,
  2. U.S.A”,”Adventureland”,”FantasyLand”,”TomorrowLand”,”Beer County”,”Mickey’s ToonTown”, “FrontierLand” &”New Orleans Square”.
  3. While building Disneyland, the citrus trees of 160 acres were cut. Along with that, some of the houses were also shifted.
  4. TomorrowLand consists of plants which are edible.
  5. There is a private apartment in the top floor of fire station, Main Street, U.S.A of Walt Disney. The lights are kept on in the tribute to Walt. During the constructions, Walt used to stay there.
  6. The Haunted Mansion have fake pet cemetery hidden and have around 999 ghosts.
  7. Disneyland Monorail was the first opening daily operating monorail in western hemisphere.
  8. The main attraction of the park is The Sleeping Beauty Castle because of its beautiful and perspective architecture. Its gold trimmings are made up of real 22 carat gold. It is a 77 feet tall architecture.
  9. Disneyland uses fiber optic cable out of which 350 miles are in FantasyLand.
  10.  It consists of more than 40 rides and attractions.
  11. Mad Tea Party Ride consists of the fastest spinners.
  12. There is a secret basketball court inside the Matterhorn exclusively for employees.
  13. In order to hide the vehicle tracks and for filtration system, the water system is brown or green.
  14. There are feral cats which roam around at night to keep rodents away.
  15. Till 2000, employees were not allowed to have mustache on.
  16. Earlier The Pirates Of Caribbean was only for show purpose. But now it is a ride.
  17. The Pirates Of Caribbean used real skeletons originally.
  18. Club 33 is place where alcohol is been served. It is a special place for Walt where important guests were entertained.
  19. Earlier there were tobacco shops in the Main Street till 1950.
  20. The drawbridge on The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is for real and it can be raised as well as lowered.
  21. The time capsule was once buried in The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

#Behind The Scenes of Disneyland

  1. A guest can buy a piece of Disneyland by purchasing a hexagonal brick for 150$.
  2. Walt used to like to interact with the guests so he used to stand with in the queue to the park sometimes.
  3. The maintenance of the park is so good that it had to be closed only for 3 unscheduled days.
  4. The park sells more than 4 million burgers, 3 million fry orders, 1 million gallons of soda and 2.8 million churros in a year.

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