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Guangzhou is third largest city in China.Guangzhou has endless skyscrapers and shopping malls. It is also known as Canton, and is famous over the world for its cuisine and foreign trade.

Few heritage sites of Guangzhou that will amaze you are listed below:

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Starting with the more adorable and jam packed streets of Guangzhou is Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. It has more than 300 shopes lined in a long street of about 1218m in the Xiguan an old town in china  and is one of the busiest commercial pedestrian street in China. Main attraction for tourist here are the restaurant and food stores.

Night tour of the Pearl River

A fascinating night view , with a blaze of neon lights that reflect on the river. The 3rd longest river in China with length of more than 2000km is the Pearl River . For those who want to go for a walk and enjoy the gently breeze in the evening the ‘Scenic Corridor ‘ is the perfect plac along the river.

Former Site of Whampoa Military Academy

The Whampoa Military Academy was founded in 1924 by Sun Yat- Sen. The first commandant and the first premier of the People’s Republic of China the ‘Chiang Kai- Shek ‘ and ‘ Zhou Enlai ‘ were once among the instructors in the academy’s political department. Other attractions are Sun Yat Sen monument, old schoolbuilding and historical records of the academy.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

One of the oldest Churches in Guongzhou is the Sacred Heart Cathedral also know as the Stone House. The church is the largest Roman Catholic Church in the Gothic Style with 35m wide cathedral, and is 78.69 m long  , with its twin towers 58.5m high. The east refers the church as ‘Notre – Dame de Paris’. The cathedral was consecrated in 1888 after 25 yrs of construction.

Baiyun Mountain

Also known as the White Cloud Mountain , the Baiyun Mountain is one of the most fabulous spot with the blend of natural scenery and abundant historical relics. Many poets and scholors has immortalized by their poetry or other forms of writing. The Baiyun Mountain has a total area of 30 peaks.

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