London city is a beautiful city in England. It has got many things to do and get attracted. The trip to this city will surely overwhelm you.


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It is the capital of England and placed on Thames River. As we all know it is a major tourist attractions of England. It is a major hub for arts,finance,commerce,fashion,entertainment and education. It is the Capital of Culture and most populated city in England. It attracts millions of International visitors across the globe. The reason being it has many awesome and wonderful tourist attractions and sightseeing. The two major hub of tourist attractions are City of London and Westminster.

Tourism in London

The most overwhelmed way to enjoy the beauty of the city is to travel by Cruise of Thames River. All the sights are been covered by this cruise and you will be surely left enchanted later.

To list down few tourist attractions of CITY OF WESTMINISTER, it includes some of the parts of Royal London. Which are Houses of Parliament, City’s dignitary places and  Westminister Abbey. It has got many national parks just as St. James Park and many more. And not to forget the most interesting gallery of arts and culture National Gallery. Big Ben is also an attractive tourist sightseeing which is an Clock tower.

Another important part is CITY OF LONDON. It is located at the heart of London, just at the centre. It is one of the county. It has got many eye catching tourist attractions such as Coca Cola London Eye,the main tourist attractions. Other attractions include St. Paul Cathedral, the oldest church and the most visited places. City of London is filled with museums and galleries such as Museum of London, British Museum etc. And last but not the least Tower of London, the beautiful and most visited places of City of London.

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