London’s major tourist attractions are in City of London and Westminster. If you ever plan a tour to visit London then do not miss out these tourist attractions

Attractions of Westminster are: 

1. National Gallery

National Gallery is the most visited art museums in the world and major tourist attractions in London. It is situated at Central London. It has paintings approximately around 2000 to 2300 ,coverings all the famous Western European artists in the city. Entry is free.

2. Big Ben

London., Westminster
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It is situated in the North End of Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is also known as clock tower or Elizabeth Tower and it basically refers to the bell inside the clock. It has got amazing facts and figures which are quite interesting. It looks beautiful at night with all the four faces of clock illuminated.

3. Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament refers to as Palace of Westminster. It includes Queen’s robing room, Royal Gallery and Lord’s Chamber. All these together forms the Historic landmark of Royal London. It is one of the four HERITAGE SITES OF LONDON.

4.Westminster Abbey

It is coronation church of England which attracts million visitors to London. It is a 700 years old British building which deeply describes the History of London. It is UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

5.Buckingham Palace

London, westminster
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Buckingham Palace is British Monarch situated in the city of Westminster. It has 775 rooms among which 19 are State rooms, 52 are Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 are staff bedrooms, 92 are offices and 78 are bathrooms.

6.Royal Academy

London, Westminster
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It is an art gallery and one of the oldest art gallery in the world. It is situated in Piccadilly, Central London. This is a place for art lovers which organises many exhibitions during summer. And those are worth seeing.

7.St. James Park

St. James Park is bounded by Buckingham Palace, the Mall, Horse Guards and Birdcage Walls. It is a 23 hectares park with all species of birds and animals around.

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