Paris widely known as The City of Romantic Nights is capital city of France, Europe.

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It covers a geographic area of 105 with 2.2 million people residing in it. There are around 12 million people living in metropolitan city. Believe it or not it almost comprises of one-fifth of France population. It is located in the north of France. Paris has beautiful little streets, passages and wonderful sightseeings around the city which makes it more adorable.

It is a major hub for fashion, finance, arts, culture and food. A major part of Paris is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Eiffel Tower is a major tourist attractions of Paris and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as City of Lights for its beautiful romantic atmosphere and International Capital of Fashion. It is known as Capital of Fashion because it gave birth to many fashion designers and fashion commercials such as L’Oreal,Dior,Chanel,etc. It is the place where French Revolution became a part.

If you are planning to visit Paris then you might have prepared a list of sights and tourist attraction places to visit. Here I have mentioned top 3 places which are worth wander!

Top 3 sightseeing in Paris

1.Eiffel Tower

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Your tour to Paris will be incomplete without Eiffel Tower!! Having a dinner at Eiffel Tower would be the most happening thing ever occurring in a person’s life. It is so tall that its tip can be seen from anywhere in Paris. It is the tallest tower in the world which is of  320 meters, approximately 984 feet. Till 19th century Washington Monument was the tallest tower in the world until the construction of Eiffel Tower.  Read more about The Facts and Figures of Eiffel Tower.

2.Louvre-Art Museum

Louvre or Louvre Museum is the most visited Art museum in Paris and the most famous museums of France. It seems to attract many International visitors to this museum around the world. It is not only the largest museum’s of Paris but also of world. It is the famous historic monument which Paris has. It has got this name because it is constructed in Louvre Palace. It is ranked second globally and first nationally in terms of International tourist attractions.It was built in 12th century.  Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo are the celebrated piece of art. It was a royal palace earlier but then got converted to Art Museum.

3.Notre Dame Cathedral

It is also known as Notre Dame de Paris or Notre DameIt is the most visited Cathedral in France though the largest cathedral in the world. It is quite huge historic Catholic Cathedral. It is built on River Seine. It has two tall towers each of  69 meters and overall building is 128 meters long. A masterpiece with its intellectual design by Gothic.

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