Here is the top concert hall in europe.

Concert hall is a mark of a city’s cultural, architectural and historic significance. I have gone through a list of concert halls in the world but I present you the best ones in Europe. Don’t forget to visit all of the concert halls mentioned in that list if you are planning a trip to Europe!

#1. Royal Albert Hall-London, England

royal albert hall,london,england
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Royal Albert Hall is situated on the northern edge of South Kensington, near Westminister in London. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 in order to bring all the art lovers under one roof. Earlier it was named as The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences. It was renamed after the death of Prince Albert by Queen Victoria in 1861.

The Royal Albert Hall is well known to conduct Proms Concerts (Promenade Concerts) since 1941. It has a total gathering of 5,400 seats. The shape of hall is oval instead of round. Earlier it could accommodate 8000 guests but due to bomb blast it reduced.

It hosted first Sumo wrestling tournament in sport’s 1500 years history in 1991. It conducts more than 350 events annually including all cultural,musical and historical events.

#2. The Royal Concertgebouw – Amsterdam,Netherlands

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The Royal Concertgebouw Hall is for acoustics lovers and has top musicians performed here.The Royal Concertgebouw was built in 1888 and is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is pronounced as ‘Concert-ge-bouw’ which means ‘Concert Hall’ in Dutch. It is renowned for its orchestra known as ‘Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’. This orchestra is titled as the best orchestra in world.

Concertgebouw has two famous halls within it named as “Main Hall” and “Recital Hall“. It total can accommodate 2400 seats. It is build in Viennese Classicist Style. It attracts around 700,000 visitors annually.





#3. The Bolshoi Theatre- Moscow,Russia

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A visit to The Bolshoi Theatre in evening is the most beautiful part of a visit to Moscow. It was built and rebuilt several times in the past. But after it was rebuilt in 1856, it has stayed without repairing for 150 years. It marks the significance of Russian culture,history and arts. It is undoutedly famous for Opera and Ballet when it comes to performances. The history associated with this theatre is significant since it involves Napoleon Invasion of 1812. It was built to set an example of Russian Classical Architecture. In 2002, it had a opening of New Stage.

The first Opera performance was back in 1777 and it lead to another further. Opera and Ballet performances were so famous that it were not even banned during communist struggle over Soviet period.

The theatre is been going through financial and architectural problems during 21st century. But still it remains the one of the significant theaters in world.

#4. Vienna State Opera-Vienna,Austria

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Vienna State Opera is situated in the heart of  Vienna, Austria. It is one of the renowned opera house in Europe as well as in world. It is famous for its opera and ballet performances. It annually organizes 300 ballet and opera performances.It has 10 ballet and 50-60 productions every year. It was opened in 1869 for public. It took seven years for its construction. It is build in Neo-Renaissance Style. This opera house is open to child so you can introduce your kids to the artistry of Austria which is quite rich in culture.  Back in second world war, It suffered damages leading to make a decision of demolishing it. But later, it was demolished and a new opera house was built with original structure.




#5.The Sibelius Hall-Lahti, Finland

top concert hall,europe,world,timber hall
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Sibelius Hall is a concert hall situated in Lahti, Finland. It is recently build and has used modern architecture. It has also used modern technology for its build. It has timber walls instead of wooden walls. It seems to have the best acoustic system in Europe as well as in the world. That is the reason of it being in top concert hall of Europe.

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