Venice, a city in Italy is well known for wise architecture on mud, sand and vulnerable landscape.  The city is well planned and wisely executed. Its basically a city on combination of 100 islands in lagoon. The beauty of the city is the Grand Canal which is spread all over the city. The interesting fact of it is there are no roads or subways , no cars or bikes. There are only boats and canal. In earlier centuries, the city had no architectural ground except Adriatic Sea. Winter is the best time to visit along with Carnival which makes it romantic. Though rainy season is not suitable time to visit. Interestingly, pedestrian sometimes turn into masked creatures along the streets during Carnival.

Lets move on to the Top Rated Attractions!!

#1. Gondola Ride of Grand Canal

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Gondola ride of Grand Canal should be in the to-do-list during the tour. Gondalo  means boat in Italian languge. Grand canal is the roadway in Venice as there are no concrete roads. It will lead you to a reverse-S course from San Marco Basilica to Santa Chiara Church. It basically divides the city in two half. You can board this gondola ride from local city tours.

#2.Piazza San Marco(St. Mark’s Square)

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Pizza San Marco is known as St. Mark’s Square in English language. Experience of Piazza San Marco is just amazing and mesmerizing. It is a public square and city’s most important religious and civil events are conducted here. Napolean attributed this as “Drawing room of Europe”. It is world’s beautiful square and made with craved marble stone. It is surrounded by the bell tower, the Doge’s Palace,the Procurator’s residence and the Sansoviniana Bookshop.




#3.Doge’s Palace

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Doge’s Palace(Palazzo Ducale in Italian language) is a Gothic Style architecture museum since 1923. It is well known for palace of justice earlier known as city jail. Along with that, it is known as seat of government and residence of Doge. It is situated near St. Mark’s Square. Doge’s Palace leads to The Bridge of Sighs, jail for new prisons. Earlier, it was more like a castle than a palace. But things do change and history is an example of it. Do have a visit to Doge’s Palace.


#4.Rialto Bridge

rialto bridge, venice, italy,grand canal, europe, top rated attractions
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Rialto Bridge is one of the oldest bridges on Grand Canal, Venice. It was considered to be the line of separation to divide the city into two parts. It was build between 1588 and 1591 by architect Antonio da Ponte. It is beautiful piece of art made of stone and craved with perfection. It had replaced the boat bridge and three wooden bridges during 12th century. In addition, it was also house for food market. Because of its historic significance, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Other than Rialto Bridge there are three more bridges which cross Grand Canal.

#5. Bridge of Sigh

bridge of sigh, new prison, italy, venice, europe, top rated attractions
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Here is another bridge of Venice and one of the beautiful ones Bridge of Sigh. The Ponte dei Sospiri is the name in Italian. It was built in seventeenth century and under the supervision of Antonio Contino, another art craft. It is made of beautiful  white limestone and stone bar windows. It was constructed to connect the interrogation rooms of Doge’s Palace and Old Prison. The bridge is over Palace River i.e Rio di Palazzo. The reason of this name is when prisoners used to be taken to Old Prison, the view of Venice from the windows of bridge used to be the last view before their death. Thus, prisoners used to sigh while taking their final view. So as result, the bridge is known as The Bridge of Sigh .

#6. Experience The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice also Carnevale di Venezia in Italian language is an annual fest in Venice. It is one of the most awaited fest of the year. The interesting fact is pedestrian get converted into masked creatures with elaborate masks. If you ever get to witness the carnival then it would be the most amazing experience of your life. It ends forty days before Easter.  So, enjoy !

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